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    Bahra University Students Build Portable Hand Tractor

    Automobile engineering students of Bahra University has built a Mini Hand Tractor which fully suits the terrain of a hilly state like Himachal. Speaking about this innovation by his students the Vice Chancellor of Bahra University Dr. S. K. Bansal said that students of eighth semester automobile engineering Er. Janak Bhardwaj of Nagwain, Mandi, Er. Vineet Thakur of Sarkaghat and mechanical engineer Rakesh Sharma of Barmana, Bilaspur have developed a 60 kg mini tractor powered by a 145cc two stroke scooter engine. Dr Bansal said that the highlight of this tractor is that its spare parts are easily available and cheaper as compared to its industrial counterparts.

    The portable tractor is loaded with four gears to deal with extremely rough terrain and has a seven litre fuel tank which keeps the tractor moving for more than two hours. If petrol pinches the pocket of the user, he can switch to kerosene fuel soon after ignition. He added that whereas the tractors available in the market cost somewhere between Rs.60, 000 to rupees one lakh, this one will amount to Rs. 25,000 only. The three engineers manufactured the tractor in a short period of one and a half months.

    Proving mettle of their prowess in the field of automobile engineering, the brilliant students are already aiming high with being an important part of Indian automobile revolution by operating a makeshift garage at Kiaribangla near Waknaghat and offering repair and maintenance services to all types of vehicles while attending the university. Janak said that his innovation, after a test drive by various farmers of the state had been highly appreciated and he has received initial 50 bookings. Though production on such a large scale was not possible at this stage, he would be keen to accept a proposal from any manufacturer for the purpose.

    Referring to the initiative of the Prime Minister’s ‘Skill India Program’, he desired to start an automobile company where he would not only produce automobiles but impart technological knowledge to students who could not afford expensive engineering education. Apart from being an active catalyst in setting up automobile labs at various private university campuses in and around Shimla, Janak Bhardwaj has developed a five-seater bike in 2011, which received great acknowledgements and compliments from auto enthusiasts across the state. He was a proud winner of the national award for his creativity by the Doordarshan (DD) in 2015, besides having various projects under his belt.

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