BBA in Management Studies

The BBA program at Rayat Bahra offers the knowledge of core business disciplines and the much needed key competencies to bestow a better understanding of the market scenario. The 2 year BBA program enhances the capability of the student to communicate, and take decisions using quantitative and qualitative determinants. The objective of the undergraduate program is to provide exposure to organizational working, to develop an understanding of the real corporate world, and to impart the learning of application of theoretical concepts. The efforts of our faculty help in developing a holistic view of different functional areas and business environment.

One of the best BBA course in Punjab, the BBA programme offered by Rayat Bahra selectively emphasizes on the disciplines of micro and macro economics, customer behavioral sciences, trade science, quantitative methods and decision sciences. Rayat Bahra provides the edge with experienced professors who have honed a number business management individuals over the years. Their vision and insights bring clarity to the mind of the students, and their teaching acts as a perfect guide on the path of success and accomplishment. The candidates are also frequently sent on educational and learning tours to various industries and production plants, to bring an understanding of the operations.

Take the first step towards a successful career in the corporate sphere with a BBA degree from Rayat Bahra University!

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