At Rayat Bahra, we take immense pride in creating a forward-thinking aptitude and helping students to manage their scholastic development. We provide the knowledge base for students to build a far sighted approach about the different methodologies and assessment methods that our School of Education applies.

Our educators possess the pedagogical edge to effectively instruct all understudies and to advocate instructive value and social equity in the field of Education to become better future educators.

The program provides future educators the knowledge of education’s foundational theories, principles and strategies. The curriculum course work prepares the future mentors to create and maintain a disciplined classroom as well as instruct and assess standard elementary school curriculum. They learn to generate lesson plans, develop and assess tests and provide both individual and group teachings.
With pre-primary education gaining huge acceptance over the years and being considered a dynamic step for the child’s development, the requirement for elementary level teachers has also gone up. Since a teaching aspirant needs the skills and expertise to prepare young learners for future education, a proper certification has become mandatory if one is applying for a pre-primary teaching job.

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