Chairman ADDRESS

There can’t be a better time than this to lead an educational institutional like the Rayat-Bahra Group. Being counted as one of the national leaders in teaching and research, and bringing a host of tangible benefits to the community, the Rayat-Bahra Group is getting stronger with each passing day, and is all set to meet tomorrow’s challenges with ease.

We are delighted to advance the Rayat-Bahra mission, and constantly involved in engaging the public in many of the vital academic programs at our campuses, Moreover, we secured and steward private support to the group so that it can keep on achieving its objectives year after year.

We believe that our investment in higher education today will go a long way in building the economic. political and cultural health of our state in the times to come

Today the World is envious of what we have achieved in the last decade, and I am sure that the higher education system that we’ve developed over all these years will result in a better future for our coming generations. The credit for this goes to dedication and hard work of the Board of Directors, faculty members and thousand of our friends and supporters who have contributed in their own ways towards the growth of the group.

While we have realized a lot of goals, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done. Together, we have to make higher education adaptive to the requirements of the dynamic world we live in today. I exhort you to join us in this bold initiative. Invest in Rayat-Bahra Group today!

I wish you all success and look forward to a wonderful experience with you !

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